Vale Governance

The governors of Vale School would like to welcome you to our school.

Here, we are determined to offer every child the best foundations to become a successful learner and allow them to grow to be a confident individual.  An individual who will be a responsible citizen, able to go on in life and enjoy personal achievement and economic well-being, and in doing so be able to appreciate and contribute to the community they live in, wherever that may be.

Vale School has a governing body of 14 governors, consisting of a mix of:

So what is our role?

The school governors have a wide range of statutory duties and powers. We are responsible for the conduct of the school as a whole and our role is to promote high standards of educational achievement. 

Our duties include:

So, whether it is appointing staff, setting budgets, agreeing building development plans or making other strategic decisions concerning the school, the responsibility for getting it right, for the children, rests with the school's governing body. 

If you would like to contact the governing body, you can either: