The new behaviour rules and slips help everyone remember to make the right choices.

(Vale Student Council)

We talk to our children about their choices and help them understand how they could try something different next time


The behaviour observed around the school has always been exceptional.

(Parent of Year 1 pupil)

Our school behaviour plan focuses on:

We foster a caring culture based on mutual respect, co-operation and support.  Inappropriate behaviour is dealt with promptly and firmly.  The children are expected to have high expectations of themselves and are encouraged to work together to make Vale School a safe learning environment for all.


Every achievement is a chance to celebrate and we capitalise on this at Vale School.  In our daily work, we are encouraging all children to work hard and to be pleased when they achieve something worthwhile.

Celebration is built into our teaching approach with mini celebrations including 'ketchup claps', 'marshmallow claps' and even the formidable 'roller coaster' forming part of our phonics lessons and beyond.

To celebrate the children's good behaviour we award them house points, headteacher awards Headteacher Cups and during the year we send home certificates and postcards to let parents know about their child's excellent behaviour.


There are occasions when children get involved in activities that we would identify as bullying.  These are dealt with swiftly, working with all parties involved, including parents.

For more information please see our behaviour policy on the policies page.