Our absolute priority in school is to ensure that the children in our care are safe.  To support this aim we have a number of policies that underpin and inform our work as a school.  Relevant policies, including our Safeguarding and Child Protection policy, can be found using this link.

If any adult has concerns about a child's well-being or safety, they must report it to the Designated Safeguarding Lead for Child Protection which is Clare Collins (Deputy Head).  If she is unavailable then you may speak to another member of the safeguarding team: David Tow (Headteacher), Sarah Granger (Deputy Headteacher), or Kristy Northrop (SENCO).

All staff and parent volunteers supporting in the school receive regular safeguarding training and the school undertakes a DBS check for every adult working or helping in school.  

Within school we undertake risk assessments for the different activities on and off site and for any trips the children take part in.  These risk assessments are completed by the leader of these activities

Why might you become involved:

If you have any concerns please speak to Mrs Collins.

Prevent Duty

The Prevent duty is the duty in the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015 on specified authorities, in the exercise of their functions, to have due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism.

Protecting children from the risk of radicalisation is part of our wider safeguarding duties, and is similar in nature to protecting children from other harms (e.g. drugs, gangs, neglect, sexual exploitation).

Vale School can also build pupils’ resilience to radicalisation by promoting fundamental British values and enabling them to challenge extremist views. It is important to emphasise that in delivering our Prevent duty it is not intended to stop pupils debating controversial issues. On the contrary, as a school we shall provide a safe space in which pupils and staff can understand the risks associated with terrorism and develop the knowledge and skills to be able to challenge extremist arguments.