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The school day

 Due to COVID-19 the times for the day are currently adjusted to accommodate a staggered start and end to the day.  Please see recent updates in the Newsfeed for the latest information.
School Starts:  Children are allowed onto the school site at 8.25am,
and may enter the school building from 8.35am.
Registration Registration for children in Years 3 - 6 is at 8.45am
Registration for children in Early Years and Years 1 & 2 is at 8.50am.
School Ends:

Children in Early Years and Years 1 & 2:  3.00pm

Children in Years 3 - 6: 3.05pm
Children are handed over to parents by the class teacher at a specific place  (Early Years - class door under the canopy, Year 1 under the canopy outside the Year 1 block, Year 2 - main playground ramp, Year 3 - main playground steps, Years 4-6 children are dismissed and make their own way to the playground.  Some older pupils make their own way home).


Successful Learners, Confident Individuals, Responsible Citizens