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Hot Meals

Healthy School Lunches

Emotional Health and Well-being is an area that we have been focussing on as a school recently.    We have also looked at how eating well, sleeping well and exercise can have a very positive impact on our emotional health and well-being.  

At school, children in our Early Years, Year 1 & 2 are entitled to a healthy hot meal each day free of charge.  If your child has any dietary requirements, please inform Chartwells via their website so they can ensure your child has a meal tailored to their needs.

Pupils in Yeas 3 - 6 can purchase a healthy hot lunch via the chartwells' website, and all pupils can bring in a healthy packed lunch if they would prefer.

The West Sussex Public Health team have produced some handy guidance that can help all of us eat a more balanced, healthy lunch.  They recommend the following:

At least 1 portion every day of:

  • Fruit and Vegetables

  • Meat, fish, eggs or non-dairy protein

  • Starchy foods like bread, wraps, pasta, rice, couscous, noodles, rice cakes

  • Dairy items like cheese, low sugar yoghurt, fromage frais, low sugar custard pot

  • Water, semi-skimmed/skimmed milk

At least 1 portion every 3 weeks of:

  • Oily fish like salmon, sardines, anchovies, mackerel

Occasionally (but not every day):

  • Meat products like sausage roll, individual pies, corned meat, sausages

  • Cakes and biscuits

Never to be included in a school packed lunch:

  • Salty snacks like crisps 

  • nuts (due to allergies)

  • Squash, fizzy drinks, fruit shoot, capri sun





As a school we recognise that as parents, you decide on the food your child eats, but we felt it would be helpful to share this guidance with you.  We do want to encourage the children to eat well.

If you have any questions about packed lunches, please do not hesitate to get in contact with the school

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