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Message from Headteacher, Martin Garratt

Dear Parents,

I hope you have had a lovely summer, the weather has certainly helped
this year. The building work has progressed well and we are looking
forward to welcoming all the children back on Friday 6th September.

On Friday we would like all the children to wait on the playground for
the whistle to blow at 8:45am and then line up with their teacher. The
teachers will then lead the children in to school. At the end of the
day the teachers will escort the children to the playground for you to
pick up.

From Monday 9th September we will revert to our usual start of the day arrangements with Years 3 - 7 entering school from 8:35am and the younger children lining up when the whistle is blown at 8:45am

Unfortunately the school hall isn't quite finished. Therefore we will
be moving our Meet The Teacher meetings to the following days:

Monday 23rd September

6pm - 7pm: Year 1      7pm - 8pm: Year 3
Tuesday 24th September
6pm - 7pm: Year 2      7pm - 8pm: Year 4
Wednesday 25th September
6pm - 7pm: Year 5      7pm - 8pm: Year 7
Thursday 26th September
6pm - 7pm: Year 6
We are really looking forward to the start of term and seeing all the
children again.

If you have a child starting school in Early Years your arrangements
haven't changed.  Please check your original letter.

Martin Garratt

Successful Learners, Confident Individuals, Responsible Citizens